“Dr. Kate Dow offers a refreshing, wholistic and realistic approach to her work. As a woman/mom/wife business owner I found Dr. Kate to be invaluable in terms of steering me through the challenges that women & super achievers face as business owners. Kate gets it. She is wise, knowledgeable and insightful. For those of us that face the challenge of wanting it all professionally and personally, Dr. Kate clearly has the power and experience to help guide us to the successfull, all encompassing, all empowering results we all seek. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Kate Dow.

gold-dash  Lauren E.

“Dr. Kate went above and beyond my expectations of being a knowledgeable, supportive and caring therapist/coach. She is very professional, supportive and experienced in her field. I am having understanding for the first time in my life about what it means to love myself. Dr. Kate has given me “tools” to be a more self-caring individual. I now have an inner peace, a stronger faith and a much more fulfilling life.

gold-dash  Carla C.

“I met Dr. Dow at a most confusing time in my life.  I knew something had to change but had no idea if I was up for it, if I really had the strength to really open up and listen to my own heart. Her really intuitive insight was amazing and her way of hearing me, supporting me, pushing me to really be honest was just what I needed. I remember her saying, “Maybe that is what it took you wake you up.” and that sentence was life changing for me.  It allowed me to accept that I needed to forgive myself for the years of being asleep, choosing to ignore and not really being a part of my own life. I will be forever grateful to her for her help and advocacy. I would recommend Dr. Dow in a heartbeat.”

gold-dash  Joyce L.

“Dr. Kate Dow has and continues to provide me with nurturing advice through counseling and practical tools with coaching. She is able to get to the root of any issue I am confronting and assist me in finding my own path, clearly helping to gather my ambitions and focus my thoughts as a way to see through the fog to my truest self.”

gold-dash  Melanie M.

I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Kate Dow to facilitate my journey in recognizing and working with my mood disorder, diagnosed about a year after having my second child in 2009. Having done counseling/coaching work with her over the last six years has made such a difference in my life that medicine, self-help books, or increased spirituality on their own couldn’t have. All of these tools have worked together to bless me with a much more full and richer life. My marriage has been strengthened. I feel more confident and comfortable in being a mother, recognizing that I don’t need to feel guilty because I am not the perfect mother (no one is). Most importantly, I feel worth in myself that I had never felt before. I see that I am worth taking care of. I am better able to accept myself, my family, and others around me as they are.

I appreciate how Kate helps me to work through problems that are respectful of my personal and religious beliefs. She knows just when to inject some humor into our discussions to help make a point. When I am in session with her, I feel Kate is very focused on me as the client and not distracted. She is able to weave in her personal experiences when pertinent but I have always felt like the focus has been on facilitating my growth.  She is very skilled in taking the information I am sharing with her and distilling it down to what the issues really are and then reflecting that back to me. She integrates Kundalini Yoga breathing/centering techniques to help me feel focused at the start of our sessions. Kate allows our sessions to go in the direction that I feel comfortable with. Before counseling, I was worried that I might be ‘forced’ to talk about things that I didn’t want to talk about. Instead, the therapeutic relationship has evolved over time and we have been able to peel back the layers to do the work in my life that’s going to benefit me the most, all at a pace comfortable for me. She is also very flexible when the occasional scheduling issues arise.

I consider Kate an extremely talented therapist and a blessing in my life. Counseling/Coaching has helped me to develop better habits, self-care, perceptions, communication skills, and coping strategies so that I can feel better. As a result of my work, I’ve come to believe that I have personal worth, just like everyone else. I matter enough to take care of myself and make sure that I meet my needs.”

gold-dash  Rebecca M.

“When I first started working with Kate, I was suffering from postpartum depression, one of the hardest things I have gone through in my life. Kate showed me how to empower myself and get the kind of support that would really make a difference in moving forward. I began to be present even if it was uncomfortable. I found that I got over hardships by being really honest about them. I began to feel more secure in my own skin and accepted that I was not perfect. This was the foundation for my later coaching with Kate.

I seemed to be exploding with ideas inside. I doubted that I would ever pursue them. They became energy drains that were unattainable. This all changed with the coaching. It was incredibly liberating and clarifying for me. I let go of the things that didn’t work for me anymore. I began to view these challenges as opportunities for growth and change. As I embark on a new role as an entrepreneur and owner of a business, I feel so lucky to be working with Kate and ready to take on a new way of life for myself.”

gold-dash  Susanne D.

“Five years ago my world was out of control—I was trying to end a 20-year marriage to a man whose treatment of me was controlling and demeaning. I was exhausted  physically and spiritually. Every minute of my life was controlled by fear, intimidation, and guilt.  Worse, I was teaching my daughters that this was how they should expect to be treated. I had to do something, anything, to turn things around. I had the desire—I did not have the tools.

When I entered Kate’s office the first time I was a wreck. But somehow I expected that I could walk in, tell her my situation and she would give me the answers. It was a surprise to find out that wasn’t how it was going to be. Kate wasn’t just going to tell me what to do!  It took a long time to realize that personal growth is not something that can simply be given to you. It was a process that required commitment, humility, and hard work. What I needed to learn came from that journey.

The first sessions were hard. I had…trust issues. Kate was obviously in it for the long haul; she was patient and non-judgmental. She also possessed tremendous insight and the ability to communicate in my language. She was versatile and flexible and did not push a “one-size-fits-all” program at me. I felt a genuine feeling that she cared for my well-being and my healing. I felt safe.

Many of those sessions just helped me keep my head above water. I was in survival mode, and it didn’t even occur to me that on the other side of “survive” was “prevail”. My marriage ended, my finances collapsed and all I could see was my own failure. How could I have gotten into this mess? How could I have gotten my innocent children into this mess?  How could I have thought so little of myself to think I deserved years of that kind of treatment? Would I ever, ever feel OK again?

What she helped me see: Compassion for yourself is as or more important than compassion for others. You aren’t responsible for the actions, or beliefs of others. As a matter of fact, it’s impossible. Stop trying.

Not everything is your fault or your responsibility. Love is not supposed to hurt. Boundaries are a healthy thing, not a selfish thing. Not everyone will see your point of view. (That does not make it less valid.)

The most important thing Kate helped me to regain for myself was hope–the belief that I had the power to remake my life exactly as I saw fit. I could “be OK” again. I could stop thinking about what I should do long enough to consider what I wanted to do. What would make me happy and give my life purpose and meaning? What was I capable of doing if I let myself try? I could not change the past, but I could make peace with it and be grateful for the learning that I gained from it.

Ultimately, it’s not that Kate “saved” me—I did that myself. But she walked along side me every step of the way through a painful, tumultuous, and ultimately fulfilling journey. She gave me perspective and encouragement. She cried with me and she laughed with me. She listened to me. She taught me to listen to myself.

What Kate offers to her clients is far above what I would call merely “counseling.” Many therapists can check the squares and watch the clock and perform effectively in an office setting. Certainly Kate possesses the theoretical knowledge and clinical experience to do just that. But what she offers is never aloof or detached—it is personal and committed. She truly cares, and that compassion penetrates every session. Kate is not just a good practitioner, she is a good person. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

gold-dash  Karen K.